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Moment Without Interval

Stantz | Official Music Video

This music video was my first collaboration with the musician Stantz.

In a time were I was really into experimentation and with no money whatsoever to shoot any kind of fiction, I immerse myself in a search of new ways of creating videos from an experimental perspective: more focused on textures, rhythms and making good use of my latest research in different color theories and their applications.

I found a small fish bowl on the street and I got a few botlles of oil, vinegar, food colorant and some strange products that I found at a friend's kitchen.

I filled the fish bowl with water and, with the song playing in a loop, I started experimenting, playing with the different ingredients, pouring them, shaking them, combining them...
I repeated the process a few times until, at last, I found an sequence that worked out for me.

I had my recipe.

Next day I took a small lamp and placed it at the side of the fish bowl. I put the camera on the tripod and placed it as close to the fish bowl as possible, with the macro lens I had borrowed from a friend...

With everything ready, for the next few hours, I followed my quirky recipe.

After two days of intense editing, we had our first collaboration.

A collaboration that opened the door to future projects and to a personal and professional relationship of absolute trust with Stantz.



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